Tangible Spirituality

Attachment to spiritual thoughts creates stories, the more tangible and practical one makes spirituality, the less there’s a need to create an airy fairy story of what isn’t instead of the tangible facts of what is.

Many see spirituality as something mystical or magical, but I have found it to be something tangible and practical. It’s not the path that I choose, it’s more so what arose when I began looking within instead of grasping for spiritual straws. Since I was a child I’ve always had to rely on a hands on approach to learning things. I was never one to just read something and grasp it, so when it was time to learn about me it was no different. I needed something tangible to use to get over the so called hump. It was in using my thoughts that gave me the opportunity to wake up. In my early days of reflection I was able to see that I was not my thoughts and the only reason they controlled me was because I alone (although unknowingly) gave them the power to do so, they said jump and I did as I was told. A thought in and of itself has no power, it has to be given it. This was a revelation to me because it meant I didn’t have to rely on an outside source. Imagine that, it meant my life was in my hands to a large degree.

Not attaching to the thoughts that arise is still the main focus of what I use today to remain anchored in the present. Everything that arises produces a thought which is a judgement and depending on what energy it’s given determines how much power it has over you. Nothing can control me unless it’s allowed and seeing my thoughts as something tangible allowed for an awareness to not have to attach to them. Any thought can be attached to which in turn creates the story’s we live by, but I have found the more tangible and practical I make spirituality, the less there’s a need to create an airy fairy story of what isn’t instead of the tangible facts of what is.

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