Spiritual Propaganda

Sit often and watch your thoughts come and go, eventually there will be more and more space between them. It’s in this space that one sees all the spiritual propaganda holding you in bondage.

With the emergence of the World Wide Web, there’s so much information available on spirituality that it really needs to be investigated before one considers using it to assist in their development. Here is the definition of Propaganda: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular cause or point of view. To see if the information you are using to develop the direction or path you are on is authentic and truly beneficial, there can’t be anything associated with it that forms attachment. Methods, programs, guru’s, life coaches, teachers, or any other form of propaganda that is used to keep you attached, just keeps you entrapped to the very thing you are trying to break free of. Just as there’s a lot of “fake news” out there today, there’s also a lot of fake information on spirituality. Bondage is not something that’s truly understood by many people and so most of the information out there is propaganda to keep you in bondage in some way. Those telling you to buy their book, pay for retreats run by paid speakers, or follow (instant bondage) a program, are clever to a fault, with the fault being keeping you in bondage.

The only thing one needs to do is look within so one millisecond of space is created between your thoughts. Once this occurs and there’s awareness of it, more and more space will slowly be created. It takes nothing but awareness to create this space. The propaganda out there that someone’s program, book, method or whatever has your answer, will keep you in bondage to the very thing you trying to break from. I know people defend their so called guru or people they follow adamantly, but it’s only because there’s no awareness of the bondage they’re in. Sit often and just watch the thoughts come and go, eventually there will be more and more space between them. It’s in this space that one will see all the spiritual propaganda holding you in bondage.

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