Collective Unconsciousness

Understanding why things are as they are goes a long way in breaking free from the collective conditioning, when one gets this there’s a real chance that history won’t repeat itself.

You should not be surprised by anything a human being does because history just repeats itself over and over and what’s repeated always seems to be based in greed, hate, and delusion. The faces change, but the collective conditioning doesn’t and even though there are many more people who are awake today, the collective unconsciousness still rules as the tools that keeps the unconsciousness in place as much more plentiful. There are just too many distractions in place for humanity to break free from the collective unconscious energy as a whole and there’s too many of these tools which have been in place for eons. Each human existence begins with these tools establishing their hold almost immediately. This is the reason it usually takes something profound to happen for one’s view to shift. It’s very difficult to do what it takes to change one’s conditioning because it takes looking within and the tools of the collective are mostly geared towards looking outward. Breaking free from the collective conditioning is possible, but highly unlikely.

This isn’t written to be discouraging, but this reality has to be faced and understood if there’s to be any semblance of freedom from the collectives grip. It’s energy is powerful and so enticing that it keeps the unconsciousness looking more attractive than what conscious brings. History repeats itself because it’s what’s known and the Conditioned Mind loves to default to the familiar. No human being will ever change if this isn’t realized because the unconscious energy already established is too deeply engrained. Understanding why things are as they are goes a long way in breaking free from the collective conditioning, and when one gets this there’s a real chance at least for the individual that history won’t repeat itself.

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