REVEALED: Duterte Ibinulgar kung Sino ang Nagturo sa Kanya na Maging World-Famous Cusser

 President Rodrigo Duterte is blaming an uncle for teaching him how to use bad words to express his anger in a succint and intense way.

In a speech before some of the country’s richest people who were gathered in Malacanang, Duterte apologized for his profanities because he could not stop his foul mouth after being taught how to curse at a young age.

“Eh hindi talagang nagmumura ako, hindi ko mapigilan. ‘Yun man ang turo — hindi nanay at tatay ko, ‘yung tiyuhin ko sigurong gago,” said Duterte.

“Lasinggero. Sabihin, ‘ito na ‘yan kung paano magsalita kung galit ka’,” said Duterte.

Duterte, who gained worldwide notoriety for cursing Pope Francis and former President Barack Obama, had previously promised to polish his language several times after winning the election in 2016.

In October last year, Duterte claimed that God spoke to him on the plane while in flight from Japan to Davao. He promised to remove profanities from his language after God threatened to bring down the plane he was riding on.

But the crassness persisted and probably worsened afterwards as Duterte has not been picky on where and when to drop the “putang ina” bombs, such as his second State of the Nation Address which became memorable not only because of the of its length (two hours and a half) but because of the multiple times he used profanities.
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