BISTADO: Ibinulgar Kung Paano ang mga YELLOWTARDS Kumita ng Pera sa Online

Prominent social media personality and La Salle Professor Antonio Contreras revealed on his latest social media post on how the Dilawans or members and followers of the Liberal Party make money online.

According to Prof. Antonio Contreras the Die-Hard Duterte Supporters (DDS) should take time to digest some of his most important revelations about the Dilawans.

The veteran professor of La Salles revealed that Dilawans are paid for each Negative Comment / Reaction (Emoticons includedd) in any legit DDS account's post, provided that those DDS accounts are not trolls.

The Dilawans are also paid for their engagements with Legit DDS accounts in both Facebook and Twitter, but Dilawan's posts that are unable to attract any Legit DDS Account Comment / Reactions (Emoticons included) are not paid for any Negative Anti-Duterte post they make.

Prof. Contreras also encouraged everybody particularly those supporters of Pres. Rody Duterte to spread the words and exposed how the Dilawans make money on social media.

Here's the Complete Statement of Prof. Antonio Contreras:

DDS Guys and Gals, please take time to digest this:

1. Dilawans are PAID for EACH NEGATIVE Comment/Reaction (Emoticons included) IN ANY LEGIT DDS ACCOUNT'S POST.

2. Dilawans are NOT PAID if the DDS Account they engaged is a Troll account.

3. Dilawans are PAID for their engagements with LEGIT DDS ACCOUNTS in both FB and Twitter.

4. Dilawan posts that are unable to attract any LEGIT DDS ACCOUNT Comment/Reaction (Emoticons included) are NOT PAID for any NEGATIVE Anti-DU30 POST they make.

Please be guided accordingly and PASS. Thanks.

Source: Prof. Antonio Contreras FB Page
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