READ: Former Scout Ranger Reveals the Biases of the Mainstream Media Relating to Sen. Trillanes' BBC Interview

Former scout ranger and a veteran intelligence officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Sir Abe Purugganan revealed the biases of the mainstream media with regards to the latest controversy involving Sen. Trillanes' particularly on his failures to answer all the questions thrown against him by Stephen Sackur on BBC Hardtalk.

According to Sir Abe Purugganan, the biases of the mainstream media is clearly seen in the latest controversy involving Sen. Trillanes. He stated how the alleged biased media such as Inquirer and ABS-CBN reported the interview of Trillanes on BBC.

Inquirer did not carry anything about the BBC interview which is also the same with ABS-CBN, one of the largest news network but failed to report the BBC interview of Sen. Trillanes.

Purugganan also noted that the mainstream media's silence on Trillanes controversy, social media became the voice of the fifth state as more and more people are not convinced with the mainstream media because they already knew the truth.

Here's the Complete Statement of Sir Abe Purugganan:

Masyadong halata ang ating mainstream media. 
So I just checked the following online news media what they have to say about Trillianes implosion on BBC. Expectedly, here's what I found.

1.) Inquirer did not carry anything about it.

2.) ABS-CBN has no story whatsoever.

3.) TV5? Nada a thing. Yellow na ata ang media na to!

4.) GMA News carried the story but they played it down, at ni walang video. Sabi sa headline - "BBC anchor confronts Trillanes with Duterte’s popularity, Palace says" See that? Meron pang "Palace says" a subtle reference na "sabi lang".

See how they carry stories? This is the reason why social media es tres tres importante parce que hindi na tau pwedeng lokohin at gaguhin nang mga demonyo!

Back then, nang wala pang social media, bilib na bilib tau sa mga journalists and PR practitioners na when they package a politician and they print the interview ang gagaling at ang tatalino "on paper" di ba peborit line yan ni Trillanes?

Karon? Our local media na karamihan supporters nang mga destabilizers cannot fool us no more! Via social media nakikita na namen ang tunay na pupugak pugak na klase nang intellect nang mga buraykaninanya!

Salamat sa mga ardent Duterte followers and to all SOC MED bloggers! Keep the faith! - Edwin Jamora

Source: Abe Purugganan FB Page

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