Projecting Out There

Our view of life is determined by our conditioning. An out there view is what most develop, but it’s a delusion that doesn’t allow what’s here to be seen and if one is living out there it’s impossible to be with what’s here.

Mostly life is seen as a struggle because of the projection that there is something going on out there. That’s how the mind tends to view things. I’ve been on vacation for two weeks and I have to work today, the mind wants to view work as being out there, but it’s not truly out there, that’s only a projection. When anger arises it’s not seen as the process that’s arisen, it’s seen as being out there and as long as it’s out there, it has control over one’s emotions, feelings, reactions, and of course how much suffering there is. It’s not that things don’t happen out there, but viewing it as out there is where it is given control. The kingdom of heaven is within, but most look at it as if it’s a place out there, another projection. As one looks out there, life happens right here and that’s the only view that allows life to be truly lived. Looking right here doesn’t prevent anything from happening, but it does allow for it to pass instead of giving it energy to grow.

All these projections do is keep us from being a part of our true self and it also keeps us locked into the out there energy. This out there energy makes you think you need to do something that will remedy what happens. This is a fallacy that entraps the unconscious mind into beliefs, concepts, ideas, and whatever else is used to that keeps you from what’s here right now. Being with what’s here allows one to be with life in a more direct way. There’s nothing magical here except that it allows one to live now instead of in the projection that life is out there. If out there works for you by all means remain attached to the out there view, but for me out there is a delusion that doesn’t allow what’s here to be seen and if one is living out there it’s impossible to be what’s here.

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