LOOK: Rappler Dinepensahan si Trillanes sa BBC Interview Critics with Biased News

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has received heavy criticism and bashing after being stood up by Stephen Sackur in BBC Hard Talk interview.

With a moral and political reputation at stake, it seemed only Rappler was trying to salvage Trillanes walk of shame by posting an article spun to favor Trillanes.
Rappler ran the headline “Trillanes to BBC anchor: Filipinos will soon realize ‘damage’ caused by Duterte” which focused on the controversial Hard Talk interview.

Despite Trillanes’ obviously besmirched reputation after the BBC interview, Rappler still tried to angle its news report in a way that positively highlighted Trillanes’ viewpoint.

Netizens took to social media to express their dismay at Trillanes’ interview with one of them posting:

How long does it take to expose a lying braggart?

BBC – less than an hour

Philippines media – cannot answer. Mouth stuffed with money.
Rappler was also targeted by the ire of netizens for allegedly protecting the senator.
One netizen said, “ladies and gentlemen, mga kababayan, this is what spinning to condition the minds of the people is all about. The entire world has seen the meltdown of the Senator yet Rappler sees it differently. This online new entity has taken the role of fault-finder in the Duterte presidency to the point of neglecting critical thinking, which is a very important aspect of Thought Leadership. I am amused.”

As Rappler’s founder, Maria Ressa was bashed for her editorial choices that have led to Rappler seemingly trying to protect a staunch Duterte critic.

Netizen Mike Acebedo Lopez posted Rappler’s article on Trillens’ BBC interview and wrote a caption saying, “most of us have seen the BBC interview, a grand display of feeblemindedness and a much-deserved paring down of the senate stooge, yet this is Maria’s Rappler’s takeaway. Pasintabi pero, sobra na, Maria Ressa…punyeta ka!”


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