BISTADO: NoyNoy Aquino Admin Nagbigay ng "envelops and gadgets" Sa Mga Mainstream Media Journalist

In this interview of News5 with RJ Nieto also known as ThingkingPinoy, he exposes his experience abroad during the Malacanang state visit in Singapore under Duterte admin.  He exposes that Malacanang doesn't offer anything or any favor to him except he was provided an ID as an entrance pass to cover.

He said he'd waited for several hours patiently, doesn't even eat decent meals and got really exhausted just to cover the Singapore state visit and to interview some of its member while some of the mainstream media journalists are just walking around Orchard rd., waiting for the press-con to be conducted which traditionally for all the media.

He adds that it is truly a misleading term calling like him (referring to independent bloggers) to be called as "fake news and unreliable" while in reality, it is the mainstream journalists are the ones who are not doing their job respectively.

He exposes that the networks where those journalists are working at, are already giving them budget for the trip while the networks are not informed that PNOY also giving them allowances doubling with the allowances given by their networks. He said it was the mainstream journalists who are doing the"panghuhut-hot"and not him and the other independent bloggers.

He exposes that during the term of Noynoy Aquino, they baby-ing those journalists giving them allowances, budgets and giving away raffle draws that was all APPLE gadgets which obviously directed to their POCKETS which an evidences their "panghuhut-hot" to the government.

He pointed out that it was those mainstream media journalists who are LAZY, he name dropped RAPPLER who are not doing their jobs and whom don't have any rights to call independent bloggers as "fake news and unreliable" because it appears as them in reality.

Article by Admin Sofie

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