Warning: Several Total Of People Experiencing Temporary Blindness Because Of Doing This Before Going Asleep!

As the advancement of technology in the worlds are very fast awesome inventions arises especially the smartphones. These stunning gadgets are now part of our daily lives because of its speed communication, entertainment, and other beneficial capacities. Nevertheless, it may also give damage to our health. The extreme and too much use of mobile phones could lead to temporary blindness and the most desperate will result to permanent loss of eyesight.

There reports from the United kingdom that several numbers of the person appear to be experiencing temporary loss of eyesight in one eye for at least 15 minutes in the morning and evening. There is a test done but no one is medically mistaken with them. The physician connected the reports to inappropriate usage of smartphones in the evening before going to bed and said that the brightness of the screen is the reason for the momentary loss of eyesight.

Several people use their mobile phones with a very bright screen using the only single eye in a dark room while in bed. another eye is focused on the smartphone screen and the other is fully closed blocked by the pillow. In this manner, the one eye adjust to the light and the other adapts to the dim. The brains activity is distracting and it affects the eye. To get of rid of this situation, focus on the screen with both your eyes and keep the brightness as moderate as possible because it may result to damage of the eye.

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