The powerful aiding effects of the most common herb, Sambong!

Sambong is a very common and popular herbal medicine that is known in the Philippines. It is used as a traditional herbal medicine for common colds as well as a diuretic.
Nonetheless, it is usually used for infected wounds, respiratory infections and stomach pains mostly in Thai and Chinese folk medicine.
It is primarily used as a diuretic which helps increases the production of urine in our body. Sambong works as an expectorant, an anti-spasmodic, and an anti-diarrheal which treats various symptoms of common colds just like coughing, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, headache and even fever.
As a diuretic, Sambong is an herb that is used to treat urinary tract, kidney stones, and helps lower high blood pressure. Moreover, it is also used as an astringent for wounds.
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This herb was approved by the Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care, Department of Health in the Philippines and by the Bureau of Plant Industries of the Department of Agriculture.
There is no assertion that has been made by any responsible practitioner that it would actually cure the common colds or kidney problems and it also has “No Approved Therapeutic Claims.” The only legitimate assertion in this herb is that it soothes and helps relieves the symptoms.
It contains an active ingredients which exists in the volatile oil that was made from the leaves of Sambong which mostly contains limonene and camphor but also have some traces of borneol, saponin, sesquiterpene and tannin.
Sambong can be actually made as a tea which has a woody taste and a nice menthol hint.

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