Seeing From the Heart

When there’s awareness of seeing from the heart instead of the mind and one doesn’t engage in what comes from the mind, it makes for a view of life that is much different than what most people see.

Seeing from the mind is very different than seeing from the heart. The mind has a much different agenda than the heart. Every conflict known to mankind has been because of the mind. Even when Jesus trashed the market place, it was because it was from the mind. And the proof of this was that he didn’t like what was going on. One cannot have conflict from the heart. The heart aches at times and all compassion comes from the heart, but there’s an understanding from the heart that the mind just can’t grasp. Mind seeing is strictly from the way one is conditioned. Heart seeing arises from the space of stillness. I can tell right away when someone comes from their head because there’s attachment with what’s being said. Usually the sentences starts with my, I, me or it will be said, I see what you’re saying, but.

Seeing from the heart doesn’t make me smarter than anyone, all it means is I’ve been granted the ability to see from the heart. It’s difficult to see from the heart because of all the mind based distractions in place. These distractions keeps one entrapped to the reaching of seeing from the mind. Reach, reach, reach, the mind, the mind, the mind, the heart needs so such reaching, it realizes it’s completeness as it is. When one sees from the heart you become more of an observer than a reactor, at least this has been my experience. I have lived a mind based existence for many years, and even today the old conditioning tries to surface, but because of the awareness of understanding the difference, I do not engage in what comes from the mind and this naturally allows seeing from the heart to arise. And when one lives from the heart it makes for a view of life that is much different than what most people see.

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