Reflective Thoughts

The simple word “no” can be used to cut off attaching energy to a thought. In this is the infinite possibility of peace, but it will only occur when a thought is seen for its insignificance.

Thoughts will arise, that’s a given, but reflecting on them instead of applying a label is the difference in learning from them or allowing them to control. Why was I born, what is my purpose, what is God, these are simply thoughts, attaching your story to them changes their dynamics from reflective energy to becoming agitated by them and applying energy needed to search or reach for an answer. When something is unknown, the mind will make up answers, these made up answers are the base of how most lives are lived. We are bombarded by a barrage of daily thoughts, many arise, go away, and come back throughout the day. Not every thought is attached to, it’s the ones that are that cause issue; most just come in and leave, only to return.

Reflection is a valuable tool in developing the awareness to just see a thought arise and not give any credence to it. That is arises means nothing, what is done with it after it arises means everything. If a thought arises about something that happened in the past, it doesn’t have to be given attaching energy. It can be simply reflected upon and seen as a thought, nothing more. The Conditioned Mind is designed to make a story out of it, but with discipline this can be seen and the simple word “no” can be used to cut off any attaching energy. In the simple word of “no” is the infinite possibility of peace, but it will only occur when a thought is seen for its insignificance, that is unless it’s attached to, than all bets are off.

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