Netizens Went Wild When Ellen Adarna Posted Pictures of Her at Beauty Gonzalez’s Bachelorette Party Putting THIS in Her Mouth

  • Ellen Adarna went to a bachelorette party.
  • It was for Beauty Gonzalez before she gets married.
  • Netizens saw this scandalous picture of Ellen.

Ellen Adarna is known to be naughty and extremely crazy in her social media accounts, particularly on her Instagram. Her almost-naked pictures are not unusual but last week, Ellen made waves again when she posted something that netizens found “scandalous.”
It was a picture of her with her friends and her, eating a big “d*ck”–or at least, what looked liked one. Ellen hashtagged it with #d*ckpic and #bachelorettes.
According to Philippine Entertainment Portal, Ellen threw the bachelorette party for her close friend, Beauty Gonzalez. The source cited that Beauty will get married with Norman Crisologo this year. Norman is the father of the actress’ one-year-old daughter, Olivia.
As expected, lots of Ellen’s fans and netizens commented on the scandalous picture and its even more scandalous hashtags. Here were some of them:
User bluebutterflymee said “Hahahahah lupet..❤
ljhane28: “Hahaha pilya tlga ni ellen”
jonahdyosa: “wtf haahahaha”
unodos0987: “Sanay ka nang sumubo ganyan kalaking BURAT @maria.elena.adarna ?”
maximus_octavios: “She wants the D d*mnn”
jysonrose.tejada: “sobraan sa um um aye”
Beauty, meanwhile, expressed her gratitude for Ellen’s efforts and said the following in the comments section of Ellen’s post:
“In spite of how others may perceive you to be, I know that you have a great big and wonderful heart, big enough I know to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and all of us your friends in it! You never really needed a Mr. Right, but one will come anyway because you want one.”
The source wasn’t able to cite where Beauty had celebrated her bachelorette party. In addition, she wasn’t able to disclose any specific details about her upcoming marriage.
However, Ellen said in one of her Instagram posts: “Omg Omg Omg all our worries will be gone in 4 days, and I could not be happier for you.”
It was speculated that Ellen may be hinting at the wedding date of Beauty. Meanwhile, Ellen remains officially single up to now–although with a girl like her, you never know.
What do you think about Ellen’s naughty pic? Have you ever been to a bachelorette party? Were you as wild as Ellen? 

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