CONTROVERSIAL: High School Gym Teacher Tries To Drag Student Into Pool! Here's What Happen ?

Being a High School teacher is a tough job and you must be understanding and hears the explanation of your student. A Gym teacher was facing a complaint against his student of allegedly dragging her into the pool forcibly. But the student trying to prevent his teacher of dragging her into the pool, but her teacher doesn't accept her pleading. The disturbing videos of the student making many rounds on the internet that makes a sparking concern and outraged. Based on the video by the friend of the student, the teenage girl was forcibly dragged into the pool in spite of her resistant. The girl screams and resists of what her teacher trying her to get into the swimming pool.

The student is yelling at the teacher to stop but he continues to pull hard to dragged into the pool. The teenager was permitted in an interview but hide her names for safety. Their attorney Gil Somera speaks as their legal counsel

 " No means no! stop certainly means stop!"

 The girls reason why she did not like to swim because she just got her hair done. But unfortunately, the Gym teacher refuses to accept her excuses.Some of her classmates were so disgusted with the behavior of their teacher that some of them are throwing water on him and hit him to prevent him to stop of forcing the student to dragged into the swimming pool.But the teacher continues his action against the student.

According to the student,

 The mother of the student was horrified when she saw the video, which was captured by a cell phone of her daughter's friend.According to the mother

" You won't expect a teacher to do this to your child at the school"

 The gym teacher was identified as Danny Pearson and the school administration suspended him from his teaching job and faces charges regarding the incident.

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