WARNING: Do Not Allow Your Mobile Phones Beside You While Sleeping At Night! These are Possible will Happen to you!

The mobile phones are nowadays are very important in our daily lives especially to business people. As it is the link for communicating others not only for personal use but also for business. The majority of people which makes their mobile phones as their partner makes a habit that it is always beside them even when sleeping. This practices has some harmful effects that some people are not aware and not giving an important attention. Every mobile phone emits radiation and this emission can damage the brain. At the time that the mobile phone is in use, our body absorbs the radiation energy. And even the phones are not in use it also emits radiation energy.
Continuous absorption of radiation energy in our body especially in our head and near the ears can cause damage of tissue, damages DNA and the worse can cause cancer. The used of mobile phones is very vital to us especially communicating with our loved ones, family friends and business connections and partners. It is also nowadays used to entertain ourselves through games, music, videos and social media which are the features of our high-end smartphones. In spite of this helpful benefits to us, it has also consequenced in health inside it.
To prevent this health consequences and issues, please read below for tips on avoiding it.
1.Make the usage of mobile phone minimal particularly at the time of calling.
2.It is better to used headsets or earphones when calling or you can set your phone in a loudspeaker mode. Using these accessories decrease the quantity of radiation absorbed by the brain.
3.Make a habit that your mobile phone always away from you when in idle time particularly when sleeping at night.
4.Since mobile phone also emits radiation during idle time, it is better to turn off your mobile phone at night, although you are using it as an alarm clock mobile phones has the capability of alarming even it is off.
Kindly check if your mobile phone has the features of alarming even it is power off.

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