VIDEO FOOTAGE: Maid Hindi Tinulongan ng Kanyang Boss Habang Nakasabit Sa 7th Floor Building Hanggang sa Mahulog ng Tuloyan

Video of a woman clinging for her life being filmed instead of helping her until she loses grip has made netizens in rage after it was posted in social media.

Shockingly, instead of helping the Kuwaiti woman filmed the maid as she hangs outside the building and heard saying, “Oh, crazy, come back.”
The terrified maid screams, “hold me, hold me” before her hand slips and she falls down from the seventh floor to hit the awning, which appears to soften the impact while the numb employer continues to filmed her.
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The Ethiopian woman survives the fall with nose and ear bleeding and also a broken arm the paramedic rescued and rushed her to a hospital.

The Kuwait Society for Human Rights on Friday called on the authorities to investigate the case and refer it to court after it was posted on social media.
According to The Guardian, the Kuwaiti woman filming was brought to persecution over failing to help the victim.
It is still unclear if the maid is attempting suicide or not but authorities are investigating the incident and what lead the woman on taking her own life “if it was indeed a suicide attempt”.
Apparently, hundreds or probably thousands of maids escape their employers every year in the oil-rich Gulf state over abuse, mistreatment, and non-payment of wages.
The Middle East is home and opportunity to more than 600,000 domestic helpers, the majority came from Asia and many of them are Filipino workers, sadly some ends up being abuse or being killed by their employers.

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