Inward Clarity

It’s the worldly view of satisfying our self that keeps one from the clarity of seeing their own innate beauty. This clarity will only occur when one’s view comes from looking inward.

Although no one is more special than another in this existence, there are some who do see things quite differently than the worldly view. What is it that makes this happen? I wouldn’t label some as chosen, but I would say some are more inclined to not attach to a worldly view which allows for much more clarity than if you are in the grip of a mind based worldly view. I have lived two existences, one which was in the direction where there was much self created suffering and the one I’m living now which is a view in the direction of non attachment. The only real differences in the two views is one created suffering and was done in ignorance and the one today is lived in awareness of the ignorance. Today my view is as it is because the worldly distractions don’t control me as they once did. I’m still in the world, but I’m not as controlled by it.

The clarity that occurs is a by product of awareness and as the worldly view is let go of, it opens up space to allow wisdom and insights to occur. This opening is directly linked to the letting go of self. It’s the self that attaches and it’s the cause of all suffering. Ever so slowing when one begins to look inward the distractions of the world fall away. To me this is what was revealed to the great mystic’s, they were considered special, but all they did was look inward. This looking inward is available to all, but one will have to overcome the worldly view (self) to not be distracted from it. It is the worldly view that keeps one from the clarity of seeing their own innate beauty and it will only be seen when on begins to look within.

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