IN VIDEO:Sinuntok ang lalaki ng 15 beses ng babae pero hindi po kayo maniniwala sa reaksyon ng lalaki!

Video of a guy who refuses to fight back while being assaulted by a woman has sparked debate online.

The clip shows a heated verbal argument between the opposite pair. Everything escalated as the woman became aggressive accusing the guy of calling her ‘a pussy’.
The young man responded but backs away from the argument, but the unidentified lady violently throws barrages of heavy blows onto the guy’s face, back and shoulders.
Despite being punched repeatedly, the guy refuses to retaliate and exclaims, “I can’t hit a girl”. But the angry woman responded “Yes you can, whassup bitch?” as she chases him down a hallway, delivering a series of punches.

According to Unilad, “The one-sided assault has since sparked controversy and debate online, with many observers questioning the role of gender in this one-sided attack. Regardless of the need for gender equality in all walks of life, violence can never be condoned as a valid form of expression, even when in self-defense.”
The video has been viewed more than 20 thousand times garnering mixed reactions. Some praised the guy for holding back, other suggested that the guy should’ve fought back stating we live in an equal society today.
Should the guy fought back or he did what is right, like a true gentleman?

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