IN VIDEO: Gulat na gulat ang estudyante na nagleak ang kanyang photo online na gusto lamang maging model!

For any kind of employment, one must make sure that you are following a proper process upon entering a company or job. For models, this means casting calls and go-sees. There are formal interviews conducted by art directors, fashion designers and photographers to see that the list of candidates are properly screened and they will decide who is the right one for their fashion campaigns. If you are on the proces of going in a casting call or a go-see, it is imperative that you plan in advance and make a remarkable impression. But it is sad to hear reports and stories that some women who wants to enter the modeling industry gets this kind of treatment and became part of a tragic trafficking incident.
Like this video report from PBS News Hour that these young students had to go through. At first a young student was just dreaming to be part of a modeling company and had applied online but little did she know that it was just a scam and it is a way to sell her. She will then be invited to a place where people are ready for her screen interview but little did she know that the sample photos that her “pretend” to be employer already posted them in a private website where in she was being sold to people who wants her. She then will meet the highest bidder and will be harassed her at the very same interview place which is now a “cyber den”. The video report caught the attention of many social media users and netizens gave out their sentiments to the sad victims of these traffickers.


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