Empty Mind

Many remain stuck seeking because the lie of “I” is never exposed. Life becomes about whatever story is made up as the genuine reality of what truly is is mostly missed.

The definition of emptiness is a lack of inherent existence. When it comes to the mind this is its nature and the reason I say this is because there is nothing in the mind that is inherently there. In this emptiness arises the nature of “I” but there is no isness to “I”. It exist strictly from the story that’s created, there’s no inherent existence. There’s the body that exist and all it’s labeled components, but if each component was unlabeled, the body would still exist, just not in an “I” created state. Look deep within to see if you can truly find where this “I” that’s attached to is. Form is emptiness and emptiness itself is form. It doesn’t mean if everything is reduced, it disappears, it means in its reduction is the thing itself; these are opposites sides of the same coin. Everything that makes up our me, ideas, concepts, memories, feelings, emotions, judgement, likes, dislikes, opinions, experiences, and so on, is attached to as my body, my hair, my ideas and so on. But if we look for “I” behind all this meness and myness where is it? This is what sitting is truly all about, stripping away the layers to this false identification. We identify with all the wrong things and ignore the genuine reality that’s just there.

To me the only reason to look within is to expose this lie of “l” there’s no other reason. A reason can be made up, but this is why many remain stuck seeking because the lie of “I” is never exposed. Life becomes about whatever story is made up, but the genuine reality of what is is missed. This is what “I” is, a story, nothing more. It’s seen as real, but the realness of it can never be grasped. It just creates one story after another with “I” always at the core. Truly investigate this to see if you can find “I” but remember not the story of it, but the genuine reality of what truly is.

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