Awareness Possibilities

The more awareness one has of life, the more cooperation there seems to be. This doesn’t mean everything will be as it’s wanted, but what happens is this doesn’t limit the possibilities.

Life will occur whether there’s awareness of what is happening or not. What awareness affords a person is the possibility of a different reaction to what arises and thus a different outcome. It’s pretty much a given what arise arises, there’s no much that can be done in that regard, but how it affects a person has many possibilities. Years ago there weren’t many possibilities to my reactions, they were all based in a very limiting self serving perspective. It was just the way I was conditioned. I wouldn’t have allowed anyone to do half of the things I did to myself, but yet because I didn’t know any better lo and behold self sabotage reactions were what was normal to me. Without the awareness of the conditioning that’s in place today it wouldn’t be possible to be anyway but how I was.

Although today life is still life and what arises, arises, without the self serving view not being as prevalent as it once was, it has opened up so many more possibilities in my life, and what’s truly beautiful about this is the self sabotage reactions are becoming less and less; on their own. Being aware of the way one reacts to what happens is where possibilities arise from. When one is stuck in one view, you are limited to only that view and the possibility of reaching your full potential is iffy at best. The more one is in harmony with life, the more life cooperates with you. It doesn’t mean everything will be perfect or go the way you think it should, but the imperfections (only because of a self serving view) won’t limit your possibilities.

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