A Fixed View

There's not much life in something that's stagnant and this is what happens when one's free flowing energy is cut off by a fixed view; the fixation causes one to suffer.

A fixed view on something is what causes one to get locked into only seeing things from the side of suffering. It matters little what that fixed view is, as it's the rigidness of being in a fixed mode that doesn't allow free flowing energy. The is what happens when a story is created and it becomes the fixed view of what life is about in any particular moment. This becomes deeply engrained hence deeply fixed as one becomes more and more emotionally tied into whatever it is that's being focused on. It's very difficult to not attach to something that is held dear to our hearts, such as our children, spouse, parents, relatives, friends and so on, but you can have compassion, passion, and genuine love for something without attaching to luland being fixated on it.

To me this fixed view is the normal view of most people and it's why many suffer unnecessarily. I've noticed this occurring in so many lives and I can see the suffering it's causing. Unfortunately those in the midst of this fixed view cannot see it, nor can one pull themselves out of it until the fixed view is seen as the cause of their suffering. The fixed viewed doesn't allow the openness needed to be free from attachment and since attachment is the root of suffering, suffering ensues. The tighter the grip of something, the more one becomes fixated on it and the less free flowing energy there is in one's life. There's not much life in something that's stagnant and this is exactly what happens when one's free flowing energy is cut off; the fixed view controls life and causes one to suffer.
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