WARNING: Wag Mong Gayahin Ang Kanyang Ginagawa Gabi-gabi Na Nagdulot ng Kanyang Eye Cancer

It was the sad story of a 40 years old man who was found out to have cancer in his eyes. based on the several scientific research and studies that the green light which comes out from your smartphone, tablets screen can lead to the damage of retina cells in the person and in that circumstances it has affected our vision.

When we use the smartphones or tablets in a dark room and places, the light that comes out from the mobile screen shines towards our eyes, which can later stimulate cancer in the eyes and loss of vision. This unidentified man at the age of 40 come to the doctor and asked what is the reason why he could not see clearly.

The albumen of his eyes turns out to red because of the severe injuries. he used his smartphones in a dark room nightly before going to sleep for half an hour. This leads to damaged his eyes and led to visual defects and symptoms of eye cancer.

The doctors couldn't do anything in this situation because the restoration of the retina is a very hard task. Make sure to stay away using your smartphones in the dark room area or places before going to sleep, so that you can protect your eyes and does not suffer what the 40 years old man had experience.

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