VIRAL NOW: Binastos Ang Kanyang mga Anak na Babae sa Beach, Pinatikim ng Kamao ng Kanilang Ama

One thing that you should never do is to insult or threaten a woman – a wife or daughter to be precise, especially when the father is right in front of you. Because I tell you, a good man will do everything just to protect his beloved family.

This is what a 25-year-old beach bully named Carlos learned the hard way after he harassed a mother and daughter at a beach in Florida, and it was all caught on cam.
The footage begins with the bully insulting a group of women on the beach.

The father who is already 44 years old calmly confronts the young man and tried to reason with him.
But the thug who seems to be drunk keeps on insulting the man’s family and boastfully says, “I’m going to knock this old ass dude out, bro. I’m f**king 25 years old, and you’re all stupid c**ts and stupid dykes.”
Not contented with his rude actions, he then tries to hit the old man but it was the biggest mistake he ever did.

The old man easily dodges his attack and gives the lad a lightning jab to the face. Boom! He’s knocked out cold!
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