Storied Differences

Watch the moment to moment stories arise as they try to attach to whatever it is that’s occurring, if you truly see this, you just may be able to break out of the prison of needing a story.

The stories created become one’s bondage, this is what the Conditioned Mind does, it creates stories. When I look back the only differences I had with anything, be it something that happened or another person were our stories were different. This is also true today, although the story doesn’t usually come from me because I’ve learned enough to allow everything to be as it is and not want it different, for the most part. I say for the most part because I still have triggers that get activated, but it is more of a momentary reaction than one that hangs around long enough to create a story. I only created stories when I wanted something different so if I don’t want you, life, or what happens different, than I’m in a place of peace. This peace doesn’t seem to change one single thing that’s happening around me, but with me remaining unattached and at peace, it changes everything, at least for me.

Every disagreement one has with another is because their stories don’t match up. Everyone thinks their story is the right one, do they not? The fact of the matter is until you learn to stop making up stories, one will always be in conflict with something, but what’s not realized is the conflict is with yourself. This happened to me twice yesterday, it wasn’t me trying to change anyone, it was two people having strong opinions and them not liking that I didn’t agree with it. I didn’t disagree with it, I didn’t really care. The funny thing to me is, it doesn’t matter how anyone else sees things because we’re all conditioned differently, but to some they sure seem hell bent on making others see things their way, and when it’s not look out. It’s so freeing to live without needing a story. Watch the moment to moment stories arise and try to attach to whatever it is that’s viewed, if you can truly see this you just may be able to break out of the prison of your needed stories.

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