READ: OFW Lambasted Robredo: “You Are An Imbecile !! A Moron !! And A Scumbag!!”

OFW Maria Thelma Cruz Bartolome from Calgary Alberta Canada couldn’t contain her emotions as she shared her story on how she defended President Rodrigo Duterte to her boss against the alleged extrajudicial killings in the Philippines.

Bartolome said that it was Vice President Leni Robredo who maligned the Filipino people.

Read her full post below:

“She might be thinking that by changing her stance #impeachleni will stop or the #recount will be side tracked.

Dios ko Inday!! Sa sobrang galit ko sayo pati boss ko dito sa Calgary Alberta Canada eh need ko justify why I was a pro Duterte. He asked me why was his nanny ( his baby sitter for his two kids ages 2 and 5 a Filipina ) was very fiery and fiesty in depending the Philippine President a scorned in his face , he said enumerate to me what your President has done for the past 6 months ( which I did with zest!!) and why all of sudden you loved and had been a blind follower! Inday Leni all because of your stupidity!!!

Mind you! We were having lunch with other intensivists and all of a sudden changed gear and the topic was Digong and the senseless killings which was what you vehemently denying now! Mocha mentioned bobo!!

For me as a former teacher and now a Program coordinator here in Critical care Alberta Canada .. While being grinded and squeesh like lemon by my Caucasian counterparts … I will tell you this Leni Fake Vice President you are an imbecile !! a moron !! and a scumbag!! You brought us to this situation that we did not choose. You erased the DIGNITY, efficiency, professionalism and love for work by all Filipinos around the world.

You did not put down Digong! You maligned the entire Filipino nation!!!

You put us down!!!

I dont care if Inday will be impeached or thru recount , I just want her to be gone !!!

Get out!!

#impeachleni #leniresign #recount #lenialternativetruth

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