Perfectly Imperfect

There can be as much peace in perfect health as there is in perfect illness, the key is in seeing whatever is there as being perfect. When this is understood from the heart, one will be at peace.

The circumstances of one’s life only affects you as it’s allowed. Nothing inherently makes an person happy, or sad, those come from the underlying label attached to what occurs. A wedding is considered a happy event as a funeral is considered sad, but it’s only the label that makes it so. The happening regardless of what it is will last until it’s over and that’s it. On its own nothing truly has power over you. It’s often said about golf that one pure shot keeps a person coming back, so out of let’s say one hundred swings, one good swing is enough to endure the misery of ninety nine not so good swings. Does this make sense?

The mind has been conditioned to conform to and label whatever is there. It’s designed to form a mental fabrication of what happens, it then stores it to be used at its convenience. All labels are applied this way, but at the core of this is one’s attachment to “I”. Without this attachment no label would be applied and one would just be able to be with what was occurring. Weddings are supposedly joyful events and funerals are deemed sorrowful, I’m still trying figure out where golf falls. The main point is, a label and mental fabrication isn’t really needed for these happenings to take place, but why this is an issue is because when these mental fabrication and labels are formed, it takes one from the only place that exist and that’s the present moment. When one doesn’t have a head and feet connection the mental fabrications of the past and future are in control and this doesn’t allow one to see there can be as much peace in perfect health as there is in perfect illness.

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