Panoorin: Lalaking makapaghuhula ng kapalaran sa mga babae sa isang himas sa kanilang dibdib

An elderly man from China who is believed to be a mystic fortune teller has a rather unusual method of predicting a woman’s future… by groping her chests!

A video of this man’s unusual fortune-telling method was first posted by a user named Xiao Yuwen on the Chinese video uploading site Miaopai.
In the video, the mystical man can be seen holding his crutches on one hand and fondling a client’s chest on the other hand.

The man was calmly doing his thing as several bystanders curiously watched him practice his strange fortune-telling. The woman quietly waits for her prediction and doesn’t seem to mind that a stranger is groping her in public.

Fortune telling by palm or face reading, numerology, astrology, and other forms have been part of China’s traditional culture since ancient times even until modern times.
Apparently, reading a woman’s personality through the breasts has been practiced in other countries. A Spanish method called sternomancy is being practiced by observing the bumps of a woman’s chests to the belly. In Japan, “nyuurin uranai”, or a divination determines one’s personality by looking at the nipples color and shape.
Though his method may have been inspired by these, the Chinese man’s boob-groping technique seems like a method that he developed.
Do you think this man is a real fortune teller or an opportunistic pervert? Would you be willing to undergo this strange fortune-telling method? Post your opinion in the comments section below.

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