Mind Created Problems

The mind loves to create problems and until this is seen, it will continue to do so even though everything passes in life, especially the problems that are created.

Problems are created by a mind that doesn’t accept what’s occurring in the present moment. It wants the present moment different and it actually makes you believe if it was different all would be well; this is the fallacy of the Conditioned Mind. All is well right now, but because of one’s conditioning it’s not seen so the mind has to create a problem so it has something to do. I’ve always had a tendency to make everything that occurs is like it’s the end of the world, and although I don’t attach to this as I once did, many times the end of the world view is my first reaction.

Yesterday I was washing clothes and I put them in the dryer. When they were almost finished drying, I opened the dryer to pull out a shirt, there were red spots on it and also on some of the other clothes. I pulled them all out and found a red pen in the dryer. There was also red ink all over the dryer. The first response was my usual end of the world reaction, the clothes are ruined. I took a step back and took a deep breath. I grabbed a shirt and cleaned a spot, the ink came out. I then cleaned the inside of dryer. I rewashed all the clothes and an hour and a half later I folded all the clothes and it was like nothing happened. This notice happens with most things in life, and although I don’t concern myself too much with my reactions, the attachment to what occurs is what I watch now. In this case the clothes can be substituted with anything. The mind it seems loves to create problems and until this is seen, it will continue to do so even though everything passes, especially the problems that are created.
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