Kuha sa camera ang dalawang anghel na kumuha ng kaluluwa ng isang patay na bata papuntang heaven!

Do you believe in demons, angels or heaven? Most people do believe that once we die our soul will separate from our physical body and will depart to either heaven or hell. We don’t really know what the exact answer is until we die, it could be more than that or there could be nothing, just plain death. But with faith in God, many people believe that there is life after death.
Though there is no proof of heaven or hell and any other Godly beings, a video sent by Pastor Igor Shvedov has been making rounds in the internet over the past few years. This amazing video taken in the city of Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan has unexpectedly recorded two angels appearing in an apartment building and seen ascending in the sky together with a child’s soul.
angel 1
An unexplainable light suddenly appeared in an apartment building at the city of Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan and was believed to be visiting Angels from heaven.
angel 2
As the video goes the light can be seen taking form as it ascend to the heaven together with another soul.
angel 3
It was soon discovered that a child had died in that apartment at the same day. It appears that the angels were taking away the soul of the child.
Watch the unbelievable video below:

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