Kalabaw Nanganak Ng Parang Tao Goes Viral

But what if a cow gets pregnant and a hybrid human-cow was born? Here’s a bizarre story that circulated online over the years that made people wonder if mutants are really possible.

In Thailand, a cow/buffalo gave birth to a human looking baby. The dead creature resembles human particularly its face. However, its hands, feet, and other parts are more of buffalo but having a human form.

Unluckily, the human-looking calf died after birth…

This is probably a case of severe birth defects of the calf and the body can’t take the heavy toll and died after birth or unless something unexplainable happened!

“Thais believe this is some sort of phenomenon that brings luck and everyone in that village was praying for blessings.”

“In the form of a ritual, the local residents pour baby powder onto the dead body and burnt incense in their belief of cleansing the area of evil and hopeful that it will be reincarnated peacefully.”

However, some believed it is an offspring of a buffalo and a human. But is it really possible for humans and animals to bore a child?

What if there is really an extraterrestrial activity going on Earth? And this human-like buffalo  is just a failed experiment? This leave us in an never-ending questions and possibilities.

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