Just See

There’s so much reaching in our society because there’s so much distracted energy and you can only be the energy that’s in place. Just see so you can be because the distracted self is never free.

This article coincides with and goes a little deeper than yesterday’s article. There’s seeing and there’s the one who sees, with the one who sees there’s attachment to self, in the seeing alone is where there’s liberation. Even if one says there’s no one who sees, it comes from the self. I don’t profess to understand what life is all about, mostly because it doesn’t matter, but I do have a reasonable understanding of why and what happens to me. It’s mostly because the distractions that distract one from their distractions aren’t prevalent in my life, this allows openness. My manifestation is no different than anyone else’s, the mind distractions in place are, this is the difference in being the one who sees, or just seeing. The one who sees always has the attachment of seer associated with it and this is the cause behind why one suffers. There’s no attachment to just seeing and because nothing is needed to see, there’s no association to the one who sees (self) so there’s no suffering; there can’t be because there’s no one there to suffer.

I know it may seem like a play on words, but it isn’t, if there’s awareness of the differences between who sees and just seeing, an understanding that can’t really be explained will arise. It happens on its own, it can’t be forced or attained from a book, although if one is ready “Pow” it will happen. I mentioned the distractions and to me that’s how one becomes ready. I don’t make anything happen to me directly, but without the daily distractions of the world, it opens one to free flowing energy. This is where insight and wisdom come from. Intelligence isn’t wisdom, anyone can read a book and memorize what some one else writes. Wisdom arises from stillness and when one has distractions in place, it leaves little room for anything but the energy of the distractions. Hence this is why there’s so much reaching in our society, because you can only be the energy that’s in place. Just see so you can be because the distracted self is never free.

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