Jim Paredes Ipinahiya Si Pacman Sa Isyu Ng Death Penalty

PINATUTSADAHAN ni Jim Paredes si Manny Pacquiao for his death penalty stance.

While the Pambansang Kamao ay for death penalty, ipinost ni Jim ang previous article sa isang website where it said, “Pacquiao begs Indonesian leader: Save Mary Jane.”

“But you are for death penalty. Baliw!” say ni Jim.

Many agreed with Jim as one fan said, “Thank you Jim Paredes for speaking out. You are a man of principles & conviction despite your unpopular views. Great men are unappreciated in their own time.”

Depensa naman ng fan ni Manny, “If you guys dont get it he believes Mary Jane was victim of a syndicate so he wants her pardoned. He thinks she doesnt deserve capital punishment for she was just tricked by scumbags. that’s different from how he views death penalty as punishment for heinous crimes.”

“Yun nga yung point e kaya maraming may ayaw sa death penalty. Knowing the justice system here in our country, gaano ka kasigurado na lahat ng mahahatulan ng death penalty ay totoong may kasalanan. Paano kung may katulad lang ni Mary Jane na napagbintangan lang. E ngayon pa nga lang ang dami nang inosenteng nadamay at namatay,” one guy countered.

“Please!!! That’s exactly why death penalty shouldn’t be imposed. There are in death rows that might be innocent or victims of circumstances. You’re logic is illogical, LOL!” say naman ng isa pa.

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