IN VIDEO: Huli sa CCTV kung ano ang ginawa ng isang asawa sa isang plumber sa kusina will SHOCK you!

A person decides whether to cheat or to remain faithful. No matter what the reason is, there is no such thing as 'accidental cheating'. It is always something that a person decides to do.

Most relationships fail because of cheating. That is perhaps what happened to this couple in this viral video.

In this video uploaded by Barry Kent Ang on YouTube, a husband installed a hidden camera in their kitchen. What that camera captured is painfully shocking.

A woman wearing a short skirt, presumably the husband's wife, had a plumber over to fix their kitchen sink. At first, it seemed like they were just having a casual conversation. The two were just discussing what the plumber had to do.

After a few moments, the woman in the video flashed her privates to the plumber as she stood over him.

However, not all is as it seems. In the comments section, some netizens claimed that the video footage was taken from an adult film.

"I saw this somewhere else that described this as a porn film. Notice how staged and deliberate everything is," claimed Carol Carpenter.

"You are spot is a porn film, I watched it years ago," confirmed YT user TheExStig.

However, there are no other details available that can confirm what really happened.

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