IN VIDEO: Himalang nakaligtas ang isang babae sa rumagasang flash floods!

This is the shocking moment when a woman suddenly emerges out of the mud and rubble and survives a terrifying flash flood.
The woman miraculously appears from the pile of mud and debris washed away by the massive flood in Lima Peru.
The brave woman gathered all her remaining strength to walk away from the rubble into the river bank were a group of people runs towards her.
On the other hand, a cow was also seen in the video surviving the mudslide however, it is not clear whether the poor animal was also rescued.
The woman was identified as Evangelina Chamorro Díaz, 32, mother of two, who escaped without serious injury from one of the deadliest flash floods in Peru.
Health minister Patricia Garcia who visited Chamorro said, “She is a little confused, but she is very well and will recover because she is a warrior and thank God nothing serious happened.”
Peru has been battered by unusually heavy rains for several days that have caused massive destruction over the country.
According to Washington Post, Chamorro’s home “was among the 145,000 destroyed across Peru as a result of the floods, the worst environmental disaster to strike the Andean nation in two decades.”
Evangelina Chamorro’s survival video, also dubbed as “courage of the Peruvian woman,” became the symbol of strength for Peru in the midst of devastating floods.
She is now safe with her family and staying with her brother in law’s house.
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