HULI CAM:Nakahubad na nangaliwang lalaki dali-daling nagtago sa rooftop para umiwas ng gulo!

An eagle-eyed neighbor has spotted a naked man cowering and hiding on a ledge of the roof several floors up.

Neighbor Naphtal Ngatali saw something suspicious out in the window and spotted a naked guy who seems to be hiding from someone out on a window ledge.
It seems like he’s been caught up after his lover’s partner came home unexpectedly and was forced to hide in a hurry like any other cheater but forgot to cover his modesty.
Naphtal wrote alongside the clip (Translated from French), “Who sent you there my brother? He’s seriously in trouble. You risk your life for someone’s wife? It’s dead stupid huh?”

The video has been viewed more than a million times after being posted on Facebook. However, the video garnered different scenarios from the viewers with one commenting,
The husband will see the video on FB (and) he’s gonna laugh 30 sec and will then realize that it’s the facade of his apartment.”
While another suggested, “We can’t prove this is adultery. Maybe it’s a teenager at his girlfriend’s house and her parents have just returned home?”
The real story behind this naked man is still uncertain but judging by how he cowers on the ledge proves he did something he shouldn’t have done and got busted.

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