Horrifying Scene: Kasindak-sindak Na Gulo Ang Nangyari Dahil Nahuli Ang Asawa Niya At Kabit Na Nag-inuman

This is the moment a raging woman sparked a huge bar brawl after allegedly catching her husband and his 'mistress' drinking together.
The jilted wife spotted the pair sitting side-by-side at a plastic table, enjoying a drink with a third woman, at a bar in Rio Verde, central Brazil.
Marching over to her partner, the furious woman was filmed slapping him across the head before moving onto his alleged lover .
She then punches the 'mistress' in the face and grabs hold of her hair before dragging her across the bar.
The woman's husband attempts to push himself between the warring women and eventually pushes his wife to the other side of the bar.
But she's not finished, and simply picks up a red plastic chair in an attempt to strike her hubby over the head, the footage shows.
He tries to fight back, before other customers at the bar are forced to pull them apart.
As the wife is turfed out of the establishment, she spots her husband making a getaway.
She chases him down the street, apparently hellbent on continuing her attack.
She then rips at his shirt as onlookers try to separate them.
At this point, another woman, believed to be the wife's friend, suddenly appears to join in the attack.
After passers-by finally manage to break up the brawl, the shirtless husband returns to the bar to finish his drink.
It is believed the incident occurred at around 1pm on February 19.
It is not known if anyone sustained injuries as a result of the fight, or if police were called.
The clip , which was posted on YouTube in last week, has now been viewed more than 275,000 times.

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