Eye of the Hurricane

Even in the midst of a hurricane there’s a calm place which is the eye, but because there’s so much unawareness of it, most people are constantly stuck in the chaos of the storm.

An analogy that can be used in the waking up process is that of a hurricane. There’s the chaos that is going on all around you and the conditioning is what determines its strength and how far reaching it is. But in every hurricane there is the eye that’s calm, this is its center. If you were able to travel with the hurricane in its center, you wouldn’t even be aware of all the chaos. The hurricane is how many people live, but without realizing there’s a place of calm, the eye. The Conditioned Mind energy is chaotic and it doesn’t want you to know about the eye. Even if you are in the eye it tells you the storm is the place to be. It does this by becoming agitated and telling you there’s a need to reach out there for your answers, thus when this is done one finds themselves in the midst of the chaos.

The operating energy of the Conditioned Mind is chaos because it’s how it evolved and it’s very good at keeping one oblivious that there’s a place to go to get out of the storm. It tells you to reach out into the storm to deal with the mind agitations. It doesn’t want you to know there’s a calm place within yourself because once this is known, you will never willingly leave the calm. But because there’s so much unawareness of the eye, most people are constantly stuck in the chaos of the hurricane. Learning first there is a calm place and second how to remain there is key if one is to not get caught up in the hurricane. You’ll notice this doesn’t stop the hurricane from being all around you, but what does happen is one less person gives in to its chaotic energy which weakens the storm.

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