Doctor to Leni: ‘You are making Filipinos look stupid to Int’l community’

UERMMMC’s doctor Ethel Pineda criticized Vice President Leni Robredo for encouraging the international community to intervene with President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war.

Robredo gave a message on a video meant for an international audience and international human rights groups expressing her dismay for the methods of Duterte’s drug war.
In the video the VP said that she, speaking in behalf of the nation feels a little more secure in knowing that human rights groups are keeping track of the drug war.
Robredo also suggested that instead of death, the drug suspects and addicts in the country need rehabilitation and even education.
Pineda said that Robredo is willfully showing contempt towards the Filipinos.
“You preface your appeal mouthing lies, disrespecting the seal of the Vice President behind you,” Pineda said,
“You are willfully showing your contempt for the Filipinos, brazenly telling the world that we do not know what is good for us, that we are a society of halfwits who cannot recognize evil even if it hits us between the eyes,” she added.
She said it’s as if Robredo feels like she has to call on to the outside world to save the Filipinos from themselves.
She said Robredo is maliciously broadcasting to the world that Filipinos are dull.
“You, Mrs. Robredo, are maliciously broadcasting to the international community that the Filipinos are dumber than a bag of rocks, knowingly electing and still supporting a murdering tyrant,”
“Oh. Maybe be we are. Because you also won. I dare you say otherwise.”
SOURCE: Ethel Pineda

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