Conditioned Suffering

Everyone truly has the love in their heart to be free of their conditioning, but because it’s not understood how harmful the Conditioned Mind is, it locks one into their own suffering.

The Conditioned Mind is diabolical. It’s so cunning that it will make you prefer suffering over peace. It’s so sly and cunning it will use every trick known to keep one from looking within. It uses past beliefs and concepts to hold one in bondage to its lies. Although I know I can’t change anyone, this was proven again yesterday, I will continue to share what I know. I do truly love all beings, but I don’t love all the conditioning that’s in place. I understand how diabolical it truly is. It will tell you to remain selfish and hold on to the little self. Whenever I respond to someone it’s never about the person, it’s always about the conditioning and what’s best for humanity. Past conditioned energy is selfish and when one says something like I don’t want to be fixed, it’s not the person, it’s the conditioning in place making one say that. Everyone truly has the love in their heart to be free of their conditioning, but because it’s not understood how truly harmful and diabolical the Conditioned Mind is, it remains in control.

It breaks my heart to see a person unconsciously reinforce their own suffering, but there’s only so much me or anyone else can do. I understand it’s just the conditioning in place, but the selfish energy it locks one into is harmful to not only oneself, but to all of humanity. This isn’t even a choice for one to make and I get that, but it doesn’t stop compassion from arising for those who remain in their suffering. Someone responded to me saying they were in the process, and they are, but unfortunately if it’s the conditioned process, it’s the process of suffering. I cannot sit back and remain idle when I see this and although I know one will do what they do, when one’s life is by the Conditioned Mind, it truly breaks my heart because it locks one into their own suffering.

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