CCTV FOOTAGE: Mister Nahuling Nagcheat Ang Misis; Binugbog at Ipinasok sa Car Trunk

This is the shocking moment when a woman was slapped, beaten and placed inside the trunk of a car by her husband. According to reports, the man believed that the woman had cheated on him which escalated on a gas station in Hebei, China.

In a clip that went viral online, the woman can be seen being beaten by the man several times before being locked up inside the car trunk.

The wife struggles not to be stuffed inside but was subdued by the man’s force.

Two witnesses tried to intervene but wasn’t able to give any help to the poor woman inside the trunk, while one recorded the incident and yelled at the man “don’t hit her.” No one was able to stop the man from driving away after the incident and nobody knows what happened to the woman later on.

Meanwhile, the Vice Director and Propaganda Director from the Public Security Bureau of Hebei province said that the police have discovered the whereabouts of the woman.

The authorities found her in Cangzhou and she claimed that the man was her husband. Surprisingly, despite the physical abuse she took from her partner, she refused to report a crime to the police and instead said she wished to mend their relationship.


Via: Shanghaiist
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