BREAKING NEWS: Limang taong gulang na babae pinatay at ni raped ng isang drug adik!

Jen Arencio, a mother from South Cotabato cries for justice after her 5-year-old daughter was brutally raped and murdered near their residence. The heartless suspect left her dead body in a vacant lot, 150 meters away from her house.
Jen was still in disbelief after learning how her 5-year-old daughter was raped and murdered in Barangay PalkanPolomolokSouth Cotabato.
According to Bombo Radyo, the little girl was stabbed 12 times with several deep wounds on her chest, legs, and body. She was also cut open, exposing her intestines. Her body was found naked in a vacant lot which led to the police concluding that she was initially raped before she was murdered.
According to the police investigation, the victim was sleeping with her siblings in their house on Thursday evening. They were alone in their house because their mother had to work at night. At 11 pm, one of her sisters noticed that she was missing.

Viral ► 5-Year-Old Girl Raped And Murdered By An Alleged Drug Addict!

Her sister immediately asked for help from the local authorities and their neighbors. The officials traced footprints which led them to a vacant lot where they found her dead body. The vacant lot was just 150 meters away from their house.
The police officials were able to immediately identify the suspect as Benjamin Balasabas Jr. The 29-year-old suspect denied the accusations claiming that the blood stains on his shirt came from the dove he prepared as a meal. Police officials are convinced that Balasabas is a drug addict.
Meanwhile, the victim's mother, Jen, asked for the death penalty to be imposed on Balasabas for his heinous crime.
The suspect faces multiple charges of rape and homicide and is now under police custody.
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