AMAZING DISCOVERY: Goodbye Dental Implants! Here’s How To Grow Your Own Teeth In Just 9 Weeks!

We all know that dental implants are extremely useful for those people who lost one or more teeth because of health problems or accident.
According to the recent discoveries, there has been a really incredible development in the technology of dental implants that goes far beyond the classing implants and denture. This allow us to grow new and genuine teeth in the oral cavity.
Here are the most important facts on how you can grow your own teeth in just 9 weeks:
A study was conducted at the Columbia University with Dr. Jeremy Mao as the lead investigator. In that study, something really amazing was discovered. Dr. Jeremy actually made scaffolding toothpaste that contains stem cells in the body. He managed to regenerate new teeth using DNA. This discovery is only the beginning for the big change of the dental care.
Issues with implants can occur. As we mentioned previously, the dental implants are the simplest and most efficient way to replace the teeth that you lost. But after that, certain issues and complications can occur.
  • It is possible for the body to reject the implants.
  • You might need to save more money because dental implants are really expensive.
  • They can cause infections and you will need to remove them afterwards.
  • You might end up with gum damage if your dentist doesn’t have enough experience with dental implants.
Even though there is a possibility of these dental implant complications, still there is a way to prevent the long and painful process of extracting the teeth.
The modern technology gives us a chance to grow our own teeth in just 9 weeks. This method is safe because it uses good materials to replace the missing tooth or teeth. To sum all things up, your missing tooth will be replaced with stem cells from your own body.
So, if you're someone who suffers from missing teeth or was thinking about getting dental implants, this new technology might just be the better solution. After all, wouldn't you rather grow your own, new teeth, instead of replacing them with fake ones?
At the moment, the dental growth operation is being studied thoroughly in hopes of bringing it to the public. Keep an eye out for this developing story!
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